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Working with our marketing partners at Ford Racing, the Fun Ford Weekend Series rand a season-long promotion in 2012 where fans and event participants could register to win a Ford crate engine. Up for grabs was one of the new generation 5.0L Coyote crate engines directly from the Ford Racing catalog.

The good news is that we have a winner and the winner has taken delivery of his engine. Congratulations to Phil Brown of Fort Smith, Arkansas. And now the even better news: our friends at Ford Racing care so much about their customers, that granted the winner’s request, substituting a 5.0L-based Windsor engine for the originally planned Coyote 5.0.

“It’s not that I didn’t want a Coyote engine, it’s just that my street rod ’55 Ford F-100 is already set up for a Windsor engine,” explains Brown. “It was incredibly nice of the guys at Ford Racing to agree to switch out the prize for me. I don’t think you’ll find many companies today who are willing to do that, but Ford Racing did it. I can’t thank them enough.”

Brown entered the Ford Racing sweepstakes online while visiting the Fun Ford Weekend website. “I was looking for Ford events in my area and saw the online promotion and entered it,” explains the life-long Ford owner. “Then when my wife called me at work telling me I had won, I thought she was pulling my leg. But when I got home, I called the Fun Ford Weekend staff back and learned that I had in fact won.”

Brown has worked as a designer for Rheem Manufacturing for 28 years and has owned more Ford cars and trucks than he can count. “Both my grandfather and father were life-long ‘Ford men’, so I really had no choice when it came time for my first car,” chuckles Brown, noting that his first car was a used, ’66 Mustang coupe. Today, Brown and his wife own a ’66 Mustang fastback in Arcadia Blue and a customized 1955 Ford F-100 finished in Bright Caramel, a Ford truck color used from 1980 to 1986. “I wanted something bright and that wasn’t red,” explains Brown, noting that many early ’50s Ford trucks are painted red. “Once I saw the paint chip, I knew that was the color I wanted.”

Currently, Brown’s F-100 is powered by a 302 Windsor that was salvaged from a ’75 Ford Granada. “With a mild cam, four-barrel intake and carb and dual exhaust, it’s probably 200 hp,” says Brown. “So I’m really looking forward to installing this Ford Racing crate engine rated at 340 hp. It’ll be a lot more fun driving it to some of the shows we attend with our Fords, especially the annual Show-Me F-100 event in Branson, Missouri.”

Brown promises to take some pictures of him installing his new engine into his classic Ford truck. “I might even get some photos of me enjoying the new Ford Racing horsepower with some big smokey burn-outs,” chuckles Brown. “I think that would be a proper way to thank Ford Racing and Fun Ford Weekend for this awesome prize.”

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