Virginia Motorsports Park

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Fun Ford Hits Bandimere this Sunday!

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2016 Fun Ford Series Updated Schedule

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(Feb 3, 2016)  The Fun Ford Series schedule has been expanded with the addition of new tracks at Heartland Park in Topeka, Kansas and Thunder Road Raceway Park serving the Shreveport, Louisiana market.

2016 Fun Ford Series Schedule
April 30     Rockingham, NC
June 12     Denver, CO
June 18     Petersburg, VA
July 2       Dallas, TX
July 10     Martin, MI
July 16     St. Louis, MO
Aug 13-14     Shreveport, LA
Sept 17     Reading, PA
Sept 17-18     Bakersfield, CA
Oct 22-23      Topeka, KS

FFW updates header copy


Palm Beach – Car Show & Race Results

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Fun Ford Series Palm Beach – Results

Show Class/Winner/Car Model:


64-73 Stock Winner / Wayne Harlow / 1970

64-73 Modified Winner / David Woodrow / 1967

74-93 Modified Winner / Jim Tyler / 1993

94-04 Stock Winner / Matthew Palmieri / 2004

94-04 Modified Winner / Dave Buckenstaff / 2003

05-present Stock Winner / Fred Reichert / 2013

05-present Modified Winner / David Cox / 2011

Special Mustang Modified Winner / Denny Sullivan / 2007 Roush

Shelby Modified Winner / Hans Somers / 2007

Mercury Modified Winner / Shawn Khems / 1989 Mercury

Fairlane Modified Winner / Doug Curry / 1967 Failane

Street & Traditional Rod Modified Winner / Todd Bryant / 1927 T-Bucket

Truck & SUV Modified Winner / Arthur McElroy / 1956 F-100

Classic Ford Modified Winner / Gil Pepitone

Fun Ford Special Awards

Best Interior: David Woodrow 1967 Mustang

Best Engine: Jim Tyler 1993 Mustang

Best Paint: Arthur McElroy 1956 F-100

Best Overall: George Denya 1989 Mustang

Best Club Participation: Space Coast Mustang Club

Best Ford of Show: Doug Curry 1967 Fairlane

Fun Ford Series vs. Mega Mopar Action Series

Race Results:


Champion: Randy Weber / Loxahatchee, FL

Runner-Up: Steve Hatfield / Deerfield Beach, FL

#1 Qualifier: Randy Weber / Loxahatchee, FL

No Box

Champion: Robert Caperna / Jupiter, FL

Runner-Up: Casey Fredrickson / Boca Raton, FL

#1 Qualifier: AJ Issman / Deerfield Beach, FL

JR 8-17

Champion: Chase Purdy / Palm City, FL

Runner-Up: Camryn Fredrickson / Harbour, FL

#1 Qualifier: Chase Purdy / Palm City, FL

Street Bike

Champion: Carl Mitchell / Miami Gardens

Ultra Street

Champion: Ari Birchfield / Hollywood, FL

Runner-Up: Brian Keep / Ft. Myers, FL

#1 Qualifier: Ari Birchfield / Hollywood, FL

Low E.T.: Ari Birchfield / Hollywood, FL

Top Speed: Mike Freeman / Lehigh Acres, FL


Champion: Jeff Ensslin / Lakefield, FL

Runner-Up: Rolando Mair / Miami, FL

#1 Qualifier: Jeff Ensslin / Lakefield, FL

Low E.T.: Jeff Ensslin / Lakefield, FL

Top Speed: Jeff Ensslin / Lakefield, FL

Dot Tires

Champion: Richard Mortell / Lake Worth, FL

Runner-Up: Larry Doty / Margate, FL

#1 Qualifier: Larry Doty / Margate, FL


Maple Grove 2015 Fun Ford Results

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Fun Ford Series, Saturday, September 5, 2015



Class/Winner/Winner Car Model/Runner-Up/Runner-Up Car Model

Mustang 64 to 66/Darryl Wolfe /1966 Ford Mustang/Craig Stanley/1965 Ford

Mustang 67 to 68/Doug Keener/1968 Ford Mustang/Bill Colosimo/1968 Ford Mustang

Mustang 69 to 70/Glenn Kriner/1969 Ford Mustang

Mustang 74 to 78/Gary Baum/1978 Ford Mustang II

Mustang 79 to 86/Angelo Davis/1968 Ford Mustang GT/Bud Bashore/1986 Ford Mustang GT

Mustang 87 to 93/Jackie Biden/1987 Ford Mustang/Adam White/1993 Ford Mustang

Mustang 94 to 98/Bill Ritchick/1994 Ford Mustang/Joe Hopkins/1997 Ford Mustang

Mustang 99 to 04/Thomas Mee/2001 Ford Mustang/Tom Hail/2003 Ford Mustang GT

Mustang 05 to 09/Gail Moxley/2009 Roush RTC/Zachary Richardson/2008 Ford Mustang

Mustang 11 to 14/Mike Butchko/2011 Ford Mustang/Leah Corman/2014 Ford Mustang

Mustang 2015/Paul Fedinando/2015 Ford Mustang RZ300/Brian Shenk/2015 Mustang GT

Shelby 07 to Present/Barry Leonard/2008 Shelby GT500 Coup/Rick Moxley/2009 Shelby GT500

Mach 1-All/Kevin Henly/1969 Mustang Mach 1/Milan & Lisa Vracarich/1970 Mustang 1

SVT-Cobra/Donnie Huth/1997 Ford Mustang Cobra/Gary Drumheller/1995 Ford Mustang Cobra

Boss 69 to 71/Craig Gochnauer/1970 Mustang Boss 302/Terry Wasser/1970 Mustang Boss 302

Boss 12 & 13/Nathan Mellinger/2012 Ford Mustang Boss 302/Scott Corman/2012 Mustang Boss 302

Roush & Saleen/Bill Storms/2014 Roush Stage 2/Bryan Ohntrup/2014 Ford Roush Stage 3

Mustang Special Edition/Chris Wittenberg/2003 Ford Mustang Centennial

Ford Racing/Oscar Marquez/1967 Ford Mustang Fast Back

Thunderbird/Gary Kauffman/1956 Ford Thunderbird

Ford Compact 60 to 69/Ron Kussrow/1963 1/2 Mecury Comet 2dr HT

Ford Compact 70 to 79/John “JR” Robinson/1973 Ford Capri/Lou Sitaras/1979 Ford Fairmont SW

Ford Compact 80 to 94/Tim Bortz/1985 Merkur XR4Ti

Ford Sport Compact/Tyee Berget/2014 Ford Focus ST

Classic Ford 50 to 59/Linford Lesher/1955 Ford 2 Door

Ford Mercury Midsize/Vicki Rahmer/1967 Ford Fairlane/Nathan Dotterer/1976 Ford Granada

Ford Mercury Full Size/Joseph Schaefer/1960 Starliner 2 Door HT/Mark Walters/1967 Galaxie XL

Special Interest Ford/Rob Ream/1966 Ford Cobra/Robert Day/1970 Mercury Montego

Ford T-Buckets Street & Rat Rod/Dave Matthews/1934 Ford Coupe/Larry Eckman/1941 Ford CD

Ford Truck 56 & Older/Justin Walters/1950 Ford F-1 Truck/

Ford Truck 57 to 93/George Herr/1989 Ford F-150 4×4 Truck/Linford Lester, Jr./1983 Ford Ranger

Ford Truck 94 to Present/Elaine Parker/2014 Ford F-150 FTX/

SVT Lightning/Bill Brenneman/1999 Ford Lightning

Ford SUV & Bronco/Julia Wittenberg/1980 Ford Bronco/Phil Cook/1972 Ford Bronco

Ranchero/Robert Buckwalter Jr./1967 Ford Ranchero


Show Results & Awards


Show & Race – Best Reaction Time: Glenn Kriner 1969 Ford Mustang  2.88

Show & Race – Fastest Time: Glenn Kriner 1969 Ford Mustang 11:17

Kids Choice Award: Donnie Huth 1997 Ford Mustang Cobra

Maple Grove Choice: Rocco Antonelli 1966 Ford Fairlane GT

Best of Show: Glenn Kriner 1969 Ford Mustang


Fast Ford, B1: Jeff Weitzel, ’83 Mustang, .014 reaction time, 10.102 ET on a 10.10 dial-in, 130.56 mph defeated Gary Simpons, ’93 Mustang, .016, 9.036 on a 9.03 dial-in, 142.40 mph.

Quick Ford, B2: Bill Moore, ’69 Cougar, .007 reaction time, 9.758 ET on a 9.75 dial-in, 132.09 mph defeated Jim Butera, ’90 Mustang, .030, 10.166 on a 10.16 dial-in, 131.91 mph.

Street Ford, DOT: Morris Spahr, .086 reaction time, 11.522 ET on a 11.52 dial-in, 111.51 mph defeated Perry Cruz, ’91 Mustang, .037, 13.841 on a 13.75 dial-in, 99.05 mph.

Mustang Trophy: Sue Feger, ’14 Mustang, .152 reaction time, 13.098 ET on a 13.03 dial-in, 110.33 mph defeated Phil Feger, ’14 Mustang, .112, 13.122 on a 13.01 dial-in, 107.93 mph.

Tough Truck: Darryl Wolfe, .135 reaction time, 16.032 ET on a 16.34 dial-in, 86.20 mph defeated Ben Maurer, ’01 F350, -.123, 14.709 ET on a 14.87 dial-in, 91.51 mph (foul).

True Street:        Shawn Matis, 11.112 average ET – Overall Winner and closest to 11.0 Index

Oscar Marquez, 11.267 average ET – Runner Up

Joe Korus, 11.905 average ET – Closest to 12.0 Index

Derek Parmer, 12.719 average ET – Closest to 13.0 Index


Fun Ford Series Results – Bristol Dragway

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Fun Ford Series Results – Bristol Dragway

August 28 & 29, 2015

 Car Show Results

Mustang 64-66  F-A        Sandy & Dean Goins
Mustang 67-68  F-B        Roy Grubb
Mustang 69-70  F-C        Jessee Lester
Mustang 71-73  F-D       N/A
Mustang 74-78  F-E        Joe Jones
Mustang 79-93  F-F        Randall Snider
Mustang 94-98  F-G       Steve Green
Mustang 99-04  F-H       James Hamlin
Mustang 05-09  F-I        Mike Roach
Mustang 10 – Present  F-J     Ricky Johnson
SVT’ Cobra Mustang  F-K     Shane Green
Shelby Mustang 65-70  F-L      N/A
Shelby Mustang 06-Present  F-M      Gregg & Joy Lane
BOSS 302 Mustang  F-N        N/A
Roush Mustang  F-O     Richard Hutsell
Saleen Mustang  F-P   N/A
Special Interest Mustang (Twister Special, Pace Cars, etc.)  F-Q    David Noel
Shelby Cobra  F-R      Jim Wallace
Mercury Cougar  F-S    N/A
Ford Thunderbird  F-T      Rick Wedgeworth
Fairlane, Torino, Galaxie, Talladegas & Cyclones  F-U       Dave Wallace
Falcon, Maverick, Comet  F-V      John Hensley
Big Car (Crown Victoria, Grand Marquis, Marauder)  F-W      Joseph White
Ford Full Size Truck (Lightning)  F-X      Chris Janow
Ford Compact Truck  F-Y     Greg Ware
SUV  F-Z    Doug Carico
Ranchero  F-AA     John McCloud
Classic Ford – All Years  F-CC    Johnny Castle

Track Choice      Doug Carico     1970 Ford Bronco
Best Engine       Randall Snider    1985 Mustang
Best Interior     Rick Wedgeworth    1964 Thunderbird
Best Paint         Debbie Vance      2015 Mustang

Club Participation      Northeast Tennessee Mustang Club

Race Results:

Ford Super Pro

Winner: Dennis Shuler, Big Stone Gap, VA – 23 Altered      D/I 5.51  5.519 E.T. at 123.54 mph

Runner-Up: Clinton Snead, Bristol, TN – Ford Dragster       D/I 4.80  4.825 E.T. at 138.26 mph


Ford Pro

Winner: Rick Jordan, Jackson, OH – 1986 Mustang              D/I 6.32  6.344 E.T. at 104.73 mph

Runner-up: Joe Cole, Elizabethton, TN – 1979 Mustang       D/I 6.43  6.448 E.T. at 105.97 mph


Ford Sportsman

Winner: Hunter Pierson, Watauga, TN – 1988 Mustang        D/I 13.34  13.411 E.T. at 101.35

Runner-Up: Jack Killion, Bristol, TN – 1978 Pinto                D/I 11.27  11.307 E.T. at 118.11


4 Cyl. Ford

Winner: Justin Pierce, Elizabethton, TN – 88 Thunderbird     D/I 12.70  12.869 at 94.25 mph

Runner-Up: Matt Culpepper, Charlotte, NC – 88 Thunderbird  D/I 14.90 15.559 at 88.76 mph



Fun Ford Series Results – Memphis International Raceway

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Fun Ford Car Show Awards – Memphis International Raceway

August 28 & 29, 2015 


Best of Show: Paul and Heather Clingan 1965 F-100

Best Paint: Roger Emerson 1996 Mustang

Best Interior: Bubba Lemenze 1940 Ford

Best Engine: Anthony Lynch 2006 Mustang

Best Detail: Richard Duncan 1973 Mustang


Club Participation: Midsouth Mustang

Under 21 Participation: Timathy Evans

 Mustang 64-66

Outstanding: Tim Ballentine 1965

Winner: Ron Blum 1966

Mustang 67-68

O: Chip Svboda 1968

W: Randy and Dianne Lewis 1967

Mustang 69-70

W: Kurt White 1970

Mustang 71-73

O: Ryan Johnson 1971

W: Richard Duncan 1973

Mustang 79-93

O: Mike Meyers 1989

W: Mike Taylor 1990

Mustang 99-04

W: John Huberty 2004

Mustang 05-09

O: Terry Boles 2006

W: Anthony Lynch 2006

SVT & Cobra Mustang

O: Roger Emerson 1996

W: Jerry Bland 2004

Saleen Mustang

W: Dennis Barnhill 2000

Ford SUV

W: Angie Snyder 2014

Race Car and Pro Street

W: Billy Clay 1993

Full Size Truck 

O: Ronnie Williamson 1974

W: Paul and Heather Clingan 1965

Shelby Mustang 65-70

W: Johnny Phillips 1968

Shelby Mustang 06-Present

O: Galen Bolton 2014

W: Daniel Hopper 2014

BOSS 302 Mustang

O: Gary Griffith 2013

W: John Elom 2012

Comet, Maverick, Falcon

W: Ricky Wakefield 1964


Fairlane, Torino, Galaxie

O: Sammy Leopard 1966

W: Tracy Franks 1967

Big Car

O: Jason Bingen 1964

W: Doyce Mouser 1963 ½

Special Interest Ford All Years

O: Billy McCarver 1935

W: Bubba Lemenze 1940


O: William Smith 2015

W: James Crone 2014

Focus 00-04 Hatchback

O: Johathon Noble 2004

W: Luis Rivera 2000

Focus 05-07 Hatchback

O: Jess Lininger 2006

W: Tony Terry 2005

Focus 00-07 Sedan/Wagon Modified

O: Daniel Broadwen 2001

W: Logan Geick 2006

Focus 02-04 SVT

O: Jason Hodges 2003

W: Ben Rienter 2004

Focus 00-07 Stock

W: Jeff Bosse Jr. 2002

Focus 08-11 All

W: Jared Barrow 2010

Focus 12 – Newer All

O: Chris Wright 2012

W: Michael Johnson 2012

Focus 13 ST

O: Sam Campisi 2013

W: Adam Clover 2013

Focus 14 ST

O: Chris Catz 2014

W: Dave Lewsander 2014

Focus 15 ST

O: J.D. Anteau 2015

W: Mike Smith 2015


Fun Ford Drag Race Results

Fast Ford Challenge


Gene Smalley, Arlington, Tenn., 86 Thunderbird 5.800 seconds at 119.55 mph (5.80 dial in) beat Scott Cokeing, Eads, Tenn. 00 dragster, Foul

Patrick Richardson, 6.152 at 110.90 mph (6.14) beat West McPeake, Henderson, Tenn. 67 Shelby Cobra 5.727 at 120.16 (5.72).


Smalley 5.810 at 118.47 mph (5.80 dial) beat Richardson, foul

Quick Ford Challenge


Rich Wilson 6.466 at 106.37 (6.46) beat David Bell, Blytheville Ark., 1986 Mustang 6.765 at 100.97 (6.75)

Donnie Spicer, Somerville, Tenn. 1966 Mustang 6.552 at 103.88 (6.46) single run


Wilson 6.514 at 96.52 (6.46) beat Spicer 6.575 at 103.68 (6.54)

Street Ford


Joshua Brown 13.726 102.14 (13.75) beat Craig Pifer 12.343 106.81 (12.69)

Jay Dellabella 10.781 at 119.31 (10.45) beat Wyatt Reguignot 13.059 at 113.00 (12.89)


Brown 13.785 at 102.13 (13.70) beat Dellabella 10.779 at 129.40 (10.46)

Mustang Challenge


Craig Brown 14.346 at 91.71 (14.30) beat Butch Campbell 16.002 at 87.44 (15.25)

Wally Britron 12.738 at 114.96 (12.55) single


Brown 14.543 at 90.48 beat Britron foul

Tuff Truck


Brad Coker 17.481 at 79.77 (16.62)  single



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The Fun Ford Series and Mega Mopar Action events scheduled for October 10-11, 2015 at Tucson Dragway will now be held at Maryland International Raceway.  Tucson Dragway, formerly known as Southwestern International Raceway, is undergoing management changes and facility improvements and is not able to accommodate the events as scheduled, but plans to reopen in mid-October for regular business.  Therefore, the Fun Ford Series will be incorporated into the Maryland International Raceway Ford Fever Classic on October 9-11, 2015 and the Mega Mopar Action event will become part of the Mopar Eastern Classic on October 17, 2015.


IRG Sports + Entertainment (IRG) which owns Palm Beach International Raceway, Memphis International Raceway, Cordova International Raceway, and Maryland International Raceway which host other Manufacturers Series shows will keep the events in its portfolio.


“We host Fun Ford Series & Mega Mopar Action events at our other tracks and with two long-standing Ford & Mopar shows in-place at Maryland International Raceway it just made sense to move them there,” said Royce Miller, COO of IRG. “We are looking forward to having a lot of fans and participants from each of these series come to Maryland International Raceway in October.”


About Manufacturers Series

Designed to offer something for everyone in a family atmosphere for American “Big Three” automotive brand enthusiasts, the Super Chevy Show, Fun Ford Series and Mega Mopar Action Series are all members of the Manufacturers Series with 34 events in 2015. Each Manufacturers Series showcases a car show, drag racing, manufacturer’s midway, swap meet and car corral, as well as autocross at selected events.



2015 Fun Ford Series – Auto Club Famoso Raceway

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Bakersfield Ford 2015 copy

September 18-20, 2015

Nostalgia Fall Championship•Fun Ford Weekend•Good Vibrations Motorsports Saturday Night Nitro

Prizes raffled off all night long. Check out the Good Vibrations Motorsports Saturday Night Nitro Page for more details!

Grand Prize is 2 Event Passes to the Toyota Nationals Oct 29-Nov 1 at the Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway with passes to the NAPA Auto Parts VIP Suite To hang out with the NAPA racers and a two night stay at Hooters Hotel and Casino (Oct 30 & 31).

Spectator • Crew • Drivers
Event Credentials (Friday/Saturday/Sunday) $50
Weekend Credentials (Saturday/Sunday) $40
No Friday Only Admission, must purchase event credentials
Saturday Only $20
Sunday Only $20
Kids 12 & Under Free with Paid Adult
Camping $40 – Weekend
VIP/Park in the PITS $20 – Weekend
AAA Members – receive $5 off Saturday/Sunday tickets. Only available ea. day at the gate. Show your card and save.

Open Parking. No pre-registration, pay at the gate.
Heritage & Fun Ford Entries – NOON – 5pm – Heritage & Fun Ford participants can take advantage of the test session on Friday. Purchase your tech card in the tower Friday
Heritage – Tech Card/Race Entry
Car and Driver Fee for the weekend is $125

Racers, you will need to purchase a weekend credential at the pit gate. Then you will need to go to the tower and pay the difference of the gate fee and car and driver fee.

For example, if you arrive on Friday, you will be charged $50 at the pit gate and then you will need to pay the difference ($75) in the tower for a total of $125.
Fun Ford – Tech Card/Race Entry
Fun Ford Racers will need to purchase a weekend credential at the pit gate and then you will need to go to the tower and purchase a tech card for $40. The $40 tech card fee will be put into the purse for your class. Purse will be determined by number of cars entered into your class times $40.

Fun Ford Weekend Classes
Fast Ford
Super Pro – No Footbrake – Box – Electronics
7.00-19.99 et. Slicks & Electronics

Quick Ford
Pro – Footbrake – No Box – No Electronics
7.00-19.99 et. Slicks & No Electronics

DOT/Street Ford
Any Dial-In – DOT Street Tires & Mufflers Required – No Electronics
Ford owners can enter the Fun Ford Car Show for free. Just pay the regular admission price at the gate and register at the car show booth in the grove. Open to Fords of all years, makes and models. Lots of prizes and trophies! Saturday guests pay for the weekend. Single day entries are Sunday only.

2015 Event Schedule
Gates Open 8am Friday – Sunday
Heritage Series & Ford Participant Parking 8am on Friday
Heritage Series & Ford Test and Tune Noon to 5pm

Race Schedule
Gates Open 8am
Test & Tune Noon – 5pm – Free for Heritage & Fun Ford Entries. See Details Above

Gates Open 8am
Heritage Series Qualifying and Ford Classes
Time Trials & Qualifying as called starting 10am till 6pm
Saturday Night Nitro Parade 6:30pm
Saturday Night Nitro 7pm Qualifying
Saturday Night Nitro 9:30pm Funny Car Quick 8,Fuel Altered Quick 4,Top Fuel Quick 2
Run Order – Funny Car/Fuel Altered/Top Fuel/Jet Cars Close the Show
Secure Track

Gates Open 8am
Heritage Series Eliminations 9am starting with Hot Rod
Ford Classes – 1 Time Trial following Heritage
Finish All Eliminations
Secure Track

Track Information:

33559 Famoso Rd.

McFarland, CA 93250

(661) 204-3688


Palm Beach Hosts Fun Ford Series – October 17th

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Palm Beach Fun Ford 2015 copy

Palm Beach International Raceway™ (PBIR) hosts Ford and Mopar fans of all ages during a special day of motor sports in October. This year the Fun Ford Series will battle against the Mega Mopar Action Series on the Drag Strip, October 17, 2015.

While Bracket racers wage war on the Drag Strip, located on the Road Course are two seperate Car Shows where Ford and Mopar owners display their cars and compete for more than 45 different award classes. The event also features a chance to find that hard-to-find part at the Swap Meet, a Car Corral, live music from the Samatha Russell Band, exhibition passes from the Southern Slingshots, and the Legendary Big Foot Monster Truck on display. The 2015 Fun Ford Series vs Mega Mopar Action Series presented by Gilbert Ford at Palm Beach International Raceway in Jupiter, Florida has something for everyone.

On Saturday, October 17, from 8 am to 8 pm, Fun Ford Series vs. Mega Mopar Action Series presented by Gilbert Ford features family-friendly entertainment and activities including:

Drag Racing on PBIR’s renowned 1/4-mile concrete Drag Strip
Car and Truck Show
Vendor Midway
Southern Slingshots featuring Nostalgia Dragsters
Midway, Swap Meet and Car Corral

For more details and to purchase discounted tickets for Fun Ford Series vs. Mega Mopar Action Series presented by Gilbert Ford, visit
At the gate on Saturday, tickets are $20 for an adult spectator admission on Saturday. Tickets for children ages 6 to 12 are $5, while children ages 5 and under enter free. Parking at the facility is free for all racers and spectators. Discounted tickets are available now online at
The weekend kicks off with Test & Tune presented by R.J.S. Racing Equipment on the Drag Strip on October 16, 2015. Test & Tune is an open track session for any make and model car, truck, dragster or motorcycle, during which racers can speed down the track for just $20. Gates open at 6 pm while racing continues until 11 pm. Spectator tickets are just $10 for adults; children 12 and younger enter free. Parking at the track is also free throughout the weekend.
Please note that Friday, October 16, 2015 features Test & Tune on the Drag Strip only. Complete event programming for the Fun Ford Series vs. Mega Mopar Action Series presented by Gibert Ford occurs on Saturday, October 17, 2015 only.
Fun Ford Weekend
Mega Mopar Action Series
Gilbert Ford
FLorida Coast Equipment
Bennett Auto Supply
Lucas Oil Products
Gordon & Doner
R.J.S. Racing Equipment


Top Eliminator Box
Winner $1,000
Runner Up $400.00
Semi $125.00
Quarter $50.00
Tech Card $50.00
Buy back $25.00
Super Eliminator No Box
Winner $800.00
Runner Up $$400.00
Semi $125.00
Quarter $50.00
Tech Card $40.00
Buy Back $20.00
Street Bike
Winner 50%
Runner Up 25%
Tech Card $30.00
Buy Back $15.00
Junior Dragsters
Winner $150.00
Runner Up $100.00
Tech Card $20.00
Buy Back $10.00
DOT Tire/Street Ford & Mopar (Any dial in with DOT street tires and mufflers required, No Electronics)
Winner $300.00
Runner Up $100.00
Tech Card $30.00
Buy Back $15.00
Mustang 1964 ½ – 1973 Stock
Mustang 1964 ½ – 1973 Modified
Mustang 1974 – 1993 Stock
Mustang 1974 – 1993 Modified
Mustang 1994 – 2004 Stock
Mustang 1994 – 2004 Modified
Mustang 2005 – Present Stock
Mustang 2005 – Present Modified
Special Mustang (Steed, Roush, Saleen)
Falcon, Maverick, Torino, Fairlane
Classic Ford
Trucks & SUV
Street Rod, Traditional Hot Rods
Best Interior
Best Engine
Best Paint
Best Overall
Best of Show
Best Club Participation
Mopar Stock 1900-1948
Mopar Modified 1900-1948
Mopar Stock 1949-1959
Mopar Modified 1949-1959
Mopar Stock 1960-1969
Mopar Modified 1960-1969
Mopar Stock 1970-1979
Mopar Modified 1970-1979
Mopar Stock 1980-1999
Mopar Modified 1980-1999
Mopar Stock 2000-2008
Mopar Modified 2000-2008
Mopar Stock 2009-Present
Mopar Modified 2009-Present
Special Interest / Full Custom / Rat Rod
Trucks Stock
Trucks Modified
Best Paint
Best Engine
Best Interior
Best of Show
Best Club Participation
Track Information:
17047 Beeline Hwy.
Jupiter, FL 33478
(561) 578- 5627


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