Fun Ford Series Joins The Ford Fever Classic In Maryland – October 9-11

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Gates Open 9am
Racer Parking 9am-11pm
Early Bird Testing ($100 per car) 10am-5pm
Tech Inspection 6pm-11pm
Test & Tune ($25 per car) 6:30pm-11pm

Gates Open 9am
Car Show Judging 10am-3pm
Time Runs 10:30am
Heads Up & Open Comp Qualifying 1pm, 3pm, 6pm
ET Eliminations 4pm
Show Awards 4pm

Gates Open 9am
Car Show Judging 10am-3pm
Time Runs 10am
Eliminations 12noon
Show Awards 4pm

1-Day Pass$20
2-Day Pass $35
3-Day Pass $45
Juniors 12-15 $10 Per Day
Kids 6-11 $5 Per Day
Children 5 & under Free

General Parking FREE
Pit Parking $10
Weekend Pit-Side RV Parking (no hook-ups)
Must also purchase weekend general admission $30
Tailgate Lot (North Side) $10
plus admission

Entry Fee:
(Entry fee includes driver’s admission)

Friday Night Test & Tune $25
Car Show 1-Day (includes 1 admission) $30
Car Show 2-Day (includes 1 admission) $45
Top ET 1-Day $60
Top ET 2-Day $100
Mod ET 1-Day $50
Mod ET 2-Day $80
Street ET 1-Day $45
Street ET 2-Day $70
Stick ET 1-Day $45
Stick ET 2-Day $70
Outlaw Drag Radial $100
Includes Sat & Sun
X275 $100
Includes Sat & Sun
Ultra Street $100
Includes Sat & Sun
Super Stang $50
Includes Sat & Sun
Lightning Shootout $50
Includes Sat & Sun

Classes:(More details on classes and prizes can be found here)

Heads-Up-Classes: Outlaw Drag Radial, X275, and Ultra Street.

Open Comp Classes: Super Stang, and Lightning Shootout.

E.T. Bracket Classes: Top ET, Mod ET, Street ET, Stick ET


Car Show Info:
Lots of Trophies & Classes Each Day!
Enter One Show or Both Shows!


Gates Open……………………………………………………………….9am

Car Show Parking & Registration……………………9am-1pm

Car Show Judging………………………………………….10am-3pm

Car Show Awards…………………………………………………….4pm


Gates Open……………………………………………………………….9am

Car Show Parking & Registration……………………9am-1pm

Car Show Judging………………………………………….10am-3pm

Car Show Awards…………………………………………………….4pm


Car Show 1-Day (Includes 1 admission)…………………..$30

Car Show 2- Day (Includes 1 admission)…………………..$45

Best of Show: 48″ 4 -Post Trophy

Best Paint: 36″ 3 -Post Trophy
Best Engineered: 36″ 3 -Post Trophy
Best Interior: 36″ 3 -Post Trophy
Best Truck: 36″ 3 -Post Trophy
Best Mustang: 36″ 3 -Post Trophy
Best Ford Car: 36″ 3 -Post Trophy

* Car Show is broken down into 10 separate classes based on types of vehicles in show
* 1st place, 2nd place, and 3rd place trophies for each class (30 trophies altogether)
Show Winners 1st Place: 26″ 2 -Post Trophy
Show Winners 2nd Place: 22″ 2 -Post Trophy
Show Winners 3rd Place: 18″ 1 -Post Trophy


Fun Ford Series in Reading, PA on September 5

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Maple Grove FFW header_Sept5 new

Friday, September 4:

Gates open for Fast Friday Grudge Racing 4PM

Fast Friday, racing 5PM – 10PM

Gambler Race


Saturday, September 5:

Fords only

Gates Open 8AM

Tech Inspection 8AM – Noon

Time Trials 9AM

Eliminations begin after two time trials sessions

Burn Out Contest 1:30PM

Car Show Registration 8:30AM – 11:30AM

Car Show Judging Begins Noon

Car Show Awards 3:00PM

Monster Truck Rides 10AM – 4PM


Spectator Fees

Friday $10.00

Saturday $20.00


Race Entry Fees

Friday, Trailered Entries $25.00

Friday, Driven Entries $20.00

Fast Ford B1, Electronics $50.00

Quick Ford B2, Non-electronics $50.00

Street Ford (DOT), Non-Electronics $40.00

Mustang (MT) Trophy Eliminator $30.00

Tough Truck, (TT) Trophy Eliminator $30.00


Flea Market Entry Fees

Vendor, 15’ x 20’ space $35.00


Car Show, Saturday

Car, Driver and passengers $30.00

Car show test and tune (2runs) $10.00



Spectators and Crew $10.00

Car and driver for trailered entries $25.00

Car and driver for driven entries $20.00

Gambler Race $20.00

Entry fee payable in the NAPA Tower, 100% payback



Spectators and Crew $20.00

Teens, 13, 14, 15 $10.00

Youth, 12 and under Free


Cash Purses –Fast Ford (B1) 7.00 – 19.99


$50.00 car and driver

$800 Win

$400 Runner Up

$100 Semi Finalist(s)

$75 ¼ Finalist(s)

$50 1/8 Finalist(s)


Quick Ford B2, 7.00 – 19.99


$50.00 car and driver

$800 Win

$400 Runner Up

$100 Semi Finalist(s)

$75 ¼ Finalist(s)

$50 1/8 Finalist(s)


Street Ford (DOT)

Non-Electronics, Any dial DOT Street Tires and Mufflers required

$40 car and driver

$250 Win

$125 Runner up

$50 Semi Finalist(s)


Mustang Trophy Eliminator(open to all Mustangs)

$30 car and driver

4’ Trophy to Winner

3’-Trophy to Runner Up

2’-Trophy to Semi Finalist(s)


Tough Truck

$30 truck and driver

4’-Trophy to Winner

3’-Trophy to Runner Up

2’-Trophy to Semi Finalist(s)


True Street

$200 overall winner – $100 runner up. $100 each to 10.0, 11.0, 12.0. 13.0

If a racer purchases a TS tech card and doesn’t want to run ET no additional fees are needed, if a racer has an ET tech cars, they must purchase a $20 true street card in the first floor of the NAPA tower“Real Street Machines”; DOT Street Tires & Mufflers required Note: All classes must be Ford bodied or Ford powered!

Car Show Classes Saturday


Mustang Classes Non – Mustang Classes

1 Mustang 64 to 66 21 Ford Racing – All

2 Mustang 67 to 68 22 Cougar – All

3 Mustang 69 to 70 23 Thunderbird – All

4 Mustang 71 to 73 24 Ford Compact 60 – 69 (Falcon)

5 Mustang 74 to 78 25 Ford Compact 70 – 79 (Pinto, Maverick, Comet, Capri)

6 Mustang 79 to 86 26 Ford Compact 80 – 94 (Merkur, Escort, Capri)

7 Mustang 87 to 93 27 Ford Compact 95 – Present (Contour, Focus, Fiesta, Cougar 99 – 05)

8 Mustang 94 to 98 28 Ford Sport Compact

9 Mustang 99 to 04 29 Classic Ford Car 49 & Older

10 Mustang 05 to 09 30 Classic Ford Car 50 to 59

11 Mustang 10 to 14 31 Ford Mercury Midsize (Fairlane, Torino, Comet, Cyclone)

12 Mustang 2015 32 Ford Mercury Full Size (Crown Vic, Marauder, Galaxie, LTD)

13 Shelby 65 to 70 33 Special Interest Ford (Cobra, Pantera, etc)

14 Shelby 07 to Present 34 Ford T-Buckets, Street & Rat Rods

15 Mach 1 – All 35 Ford Truck 56 & Older

16 SVT Cobra All Years 36 Ford Truck 57 to 93

17 Boss – 69 to 71 37 Ford Truck 94 to Modern

18 Boss – 12 to 13 38 SVT Lightning

19 Roush / Saleen – All 39 Ford SUV & Bronco

20 Mustang Special Edition – All 40 Ranchero


Berks Mustang Car Club Overall Awards

41 1964 to 1978 46 Show & Race – Best Reaction Time

42 1979 to 1993 47 Show & Race – Fastest Run

43 1994 to 2004 48 Kids Choice Award

44 2005 to 2009 49 Maple Grove Choice – Chosen by Jason/Lex

45 2010 to Present 50 Best of Show – Chosen from Class Winners by Club


True Street Class Rules

All vehicles must conform to these guidelines:

1. Must be a Ford bodied or Ford powered vehicle. Ford powered vehicles, like Lincoln, Mercury or Ford-powered street rods, kit cars, etc., are eligible to compete.

2. Any Ford engine is permitted.

3. Any style cylinder head is allowed.

4. Any type of induction system is allowed. Both carburation and fuel injection are permitted.

5. Any form of power adder is allowed, including nitrous, single and twin turbos, and superchargers. Twin power adders are permitted.

6. No minimum race weight is required.

7. A closed exhaust with mufflers is required. All exhaust fumes must exit the outlet of the muffler. Turndowns are permitted.

8. Any style front suspension, including bolt-on tubular K-members, replacement front clips, etc., is permitted.

9. Any rear suspension is allowed, including tubs and mini-tubs.

10. An entry must start, operate, and drive under its own power with one driver in the car.

11. All cars must have D.O.T.approved tires and wheels in the front and rear during the road cruise, and while racing.

12. Car must complete the road cruise, and three rounds of eliminations on one tank of fuel. No refueling will be permitted after the road cruise begins.

All drivers must have the following:

1. A current, valid state driver’s license.

2. Valid, current insurance and registration cards for any vehicle entered in competition, which must be presented (with driver’s license) at the request of the tech inspector. State license plate(s) are mandatory; no dealer plates or registrations. Faxes or letters from insurance companies are not permitted–actual paperwork must be presented when requested.

3. All operational, DOT-mandated safety equipment for the particular model year must be operational, including (but not limited to) headlights, taillights, turn signals, horn and brake lights; cars will be checked for proper operation of equipment.

4. A Drag Race ET entry purchased at the gate.

5. A run card for True Street must be purchased in the first floor of the NAPA tower to participate. All information that will be posted after the race, and in the magazine must be legible. We are not responsible for misspelled names, unknown years, and models of cars.

Road Cruise:

1. All vehicles, after passing ET tech and purchasing a True Street Run Card entrants will proceed to the next segment, the designated road cruise.

2. Escorts will be provided. All participants must obey local and federal traffic laws, including passing, merging and speed limits. Burnouts or other illegal acts before or during the road cruise are prohibited. Violators will be subject to disqualification.

3. All support vehicles (i.e: tow vehicles or any other vehicle that will not be actually racing) are allowed to go on the road cruise, provided they are behind the entire group of True Street participants.

4. Any car unable to complete the road cruise under its own power will be disqualified, along with the driver.

5. After completion of the road cruise, all cars will be lead to the push track road of MGR.

6. Opening of the hood is prohibited once the road cruise begins until three rounds of drag strip competition have been completed. If the hood is opened during this time, the car and driver will be disqualified.

7. Opening the trunk or hatch of the car is allowed prior to the first round of competition (i.e., hooking up nitrous bottles). Changing nitrous bottles is not permitted once the racing commences.

8. No external cooling of the engine is allowed. No external fans, ice or pressurized fluids may be used. Use of a radiator-mounted primary electric cooling fan is permitted. No battery charger may be connected to the battery after the road cruise. Excessive use of your electric fan may drain your battery. If the battery is unable to start your car during racing, both car and driver will be disqualified.

9. No repairs are to be made from underneath the engine compartment. Any attempts to repair items from underneath vehicle will be grounds for disqualification.

Race Procedure:

1. Hoods and deck lids are not to be opened for any reason during the three passes. Hatchback owners may reach through the passenger compartment to access the hatch area only to open nitrous bottles.

2. Tire pressure may be checked, but air can only be removed. No inflation of tires is permitted during the race; therefore, no inflation equipment will be permitted in the car.

3. If you experience any problems (mechanical or otherwise,) and cannot make a pass, do not make it. If you oil down or crash on the track surface, you jeopardize yourself and others. Promptly inform a track official of your withdrawal from the class.

4. Only drivers will be permitted to be with the car during the three passes. All pit members may stand only in the grandstand area or burnout area.

5. If a car is unable to start under its own power, both the driver and car will be disqualified. No push starts will be allowed.

6. All cars and racers must make three runs. Participants must make their first, second, and third pass together as a group.

7. After the three passes are made, E.T.’s will be added up, and then divided by three, establishing an average used to place the drivers. The three run average will be used to determine the winner, runner up and index winners.

WinnerQuickest average E.T. of three runs above or below the index

Runner-up2nd Quickest average E.T. of three runs above or below the index

10 second index – closest average time to 10.0 seconds

11 second index – closest average time to 11.0 seconds

12 second index – closest average time to 12.0 seconds

13 second index – closest average time to 13.0 seconds

8. All results and decisions from the Maple Grove Raceway staff are final. Averages will be posted the day of the race at the Fun Ford Series car show tent.

9. All cars must pass track and/or NHRA/IHRA technical inspection, and must be legal for the elapsed time, and speed they run.

Drivers must have proper licensing; i.e., if you have a 9-second car, you must have a 9-second NHRA driver’s license. It is up to the track to enforce all safety rules.

Cruise Route

All True Street entrants will gather at Car Show Central for the road cruise when called for the cruise.

1. Exit MGR Gate 4, turn right on Bowmansville Road (drive .7 miles).

2. Turn right onto Alleghenyville Road (drive 2.3 miles).

3. Turn right on Route 10 South/Morgantown Road (drive 5.9 miles).

4. Turn right onto Rt 23 West/Main Street (drive .4 mile)

5. Turn right onto 176 North toward Green Hills (drive 7.2 miles)

6. Exit 176N at Exit 7/Green Hills, turn right onto Route 10 South (drive 2.7 miles).

7. Turn right onto Alleghenyville Rd (drive 2.7 miles).

8. Turn left onto Bowmansville Road, proceed to Maple Grove Raceway, enter gate 4


Track information:

Maple Grove Raceway

30 Stauffer Park Lane

Mohnton, PA. 19540-7751

Track Phone Number: (610)856-9211


Memphis Throttle Fest Powered By Fun Ford

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Memphis Throttle Fest_Header

Memphis Throttle Fest Powered By Fun Ford – Event Details

MILLINGTON, Tenn. (August 20, 2015) – The band lineup for Throttle Fest Memphis powered by Fun Ford Series has been finalized and Tom Keifer of Cinderella will headline on Friday night August 28 to complement Jackyl serving as the star attraction on Saturday night August 29 at Memphis International Raceway (MIR).

“Memphis is a city with such amazing music history and has always been one of my favorite places to play,” Keifer said. “It’s been a while since I’ve played there and I can’t think of a better way to come back. Throttle Fest combined with the rock fans of Memphis will be nothing short of a killer event! The band and I are so looking forward to rocking with you all!”

Keifer has fronted Cinderella since its inception and has toured with the band around the world supporting its four studio albums and several live and “best of” releases.

“Michael Ballard and I are very excited to have Tom Keifer with us at Throttle Fest Memphis,” said Jesse James Dupree of the Full Throttle Saloon. “You do not realize the full extent of Tom’s pipes until you see his live show and it is hit after hit. We are honored to have him as part of the Full Throttle family as he has played several Throttlefest events with us now and he kills it every time.”

Keifer will cap off a wild night scheduled for Friday when he is scheduled to take the stage at 10 p.m. Before that The Dirty Streets will play at 8 p.m. and EMN (Every Mother’s Nightmare) will play at 9 p.m.

If those three bands aren’t enough to get the adrenaline flowing, the “Wall of Death” motordrome, a circular arena in which skilled riders defy gravity to perform motorcycle stunts, will join the Full Throttle Rockstar Bartenders in the Full Throttle Saloon area certainly will. Midnight Madness will be the cherry on top thanks to drifting with Traction Optional, an open car show and the chance to race your own car on the drag strip.

Saturday brings a full day’s worth of fun and excitement that starts with the Fun Ford series with FocusFest taking part in autocross, drag racing and an all-Ford car show sponsored by Crutcher Insurance Group of Collierville. The Wall of Death and the Full Throttle Saloon will be in action throughout the day as well. When the sun starts going down, the music will heat up with Nuttin Fancy Band playing at 7 p.m., Full Devil Jacket at 8 p.m., Wayland at 9 p.m. and Jackyl capping the weekend at 10 p.m.

The vendor midway will be open from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. on Sunday to give fans the opportunity to buy last minute merchandise from the event. Admission that day is free.

Throttle Fest Memphis powered by Fun Ford Series is presented Rock 103, iHeart Media, Full Throttle S’loonshine and Jesse James American Outlaw Bourbon Whiskey.

A two-day ticket for Throttle Fest Memphis is just $35. Single day tickets are $20 on Friday and $25 for Saturday. Children 12 and under are $10 each day. Advance tickets are on sale now at For fans wanting to make a weekend of it, there are a limited number of trackside RV spots that will be available for presale until Wednesday, August 26. Call 901-WOW-RACE for more information and pricing.

Throttle Fest Schedule

Friday, August 28
3 p.m.: Gates open. Vendor Midway and Full Throttle Saloon open

8 p.m.: Racetrack activities begin. Drag racing, drifting, open car show.

8 p.m.: The Dirty Streets – Main Stage

9 p.m.: Every Mother’s Nightmare – Main Stage

10 p.m.: Tom Keifer of Cinderella – Main Stage

Midnight: Track activities close


Saturday, August 29
8 a.m.: Gates Open for Fun Ford Series and FocusFest Participants Spectators. Vendor Midway opens.

8:30 a.m.: AutoCross Registration Begins

9 a.m.-3 p.m.: AutoCross

10 a.m.-noon: FocusFest and all class time trials

Noon: Class Time Trials Begin

12:30 p.m.: First Qualifying Run Bracket Classes

1-2 p.m.: FocusFest Time Trials

2 p.m.: Fun Ford Series Opening Ceremonies

2:30 p.m.: First Round Ford Racing Eliminations

3 p.m.: All Ford Car Show Judging / Awards

5 p.m.: Final Eliminations

7 p.m.: Nuttin Fancy Band – Main Stage

8 p.m.: Full Devil Jacket – Main Stage  

9 p.m.: Wayland – Main Stage

10 p.m.: Jackyl – Main Stage


Sunday, August 30

10 a.m.-2 p.m. – Throttle Fest Vendor Midway Open. Free admission

For more information regarding MIR, please visit, call (901)-WOW-Race or follow us at or @RaceMIR on Twitter and Instagram.


Fun Ford Series Visits Bristol, TN

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Bristol Ford header 2015

Friday, August 28 – Saturday, August 29, 2015

Thunder Valley gives fans of every manufacturer the opportunity to see their favorite classics in action. To give fans and competitors added value, Fun Ford Weekend and Mopar Thunder combine for a doubleheader event on Aug. 28-29. The format features the same elements that made each event popular, but puts them together to give fans even more bang for their buck.

During the course of the weekend, competitors have the opportunity to face off against other racers of the same make, as well as opponents from the rival manufacturer. Great racing action from the Blue Oval bunch and the rumble of Mopar muscle greet fans during this exciting event.

Additionally, fans can enjoy the best models from both Ford Motor Company and the Chrysler Corporation as the car show area fills with the nicest cars in the region. Vendors and a swap meet provide an opportunity to find the hard-to-find parts for that next restoration project.

Friday, August 28:
Gates Open 10am
Car Show Registration 10am
Tech Inspection 10am
Car Show Judging (Friday Attendees Only) 11am-2pm
Test & Tune (All Manufacturers) Noon-6pm
All Manufacturers Gambler’s Race*(No Time Trials)

Saturday, August 29:

Gates Open 8am
Tech Inspection 8am
Car Show Registration 9am
Time Trials (2 per class) 9am
Ford vs. Mopar Gamblers Race 1st Round* Following time trials
Mopar Slant 6 Following First Round
4th Annual Turbo Ford 4 Cyl Nationals Bracket Race Following First Round
Car Show Judging 10am-2pm
Car Show Awards 3:30pm
Ford True Street Cruise 4:30pm
Mopar True Street Cruise 4:30pm
Mopar Bracket Race 6pm
Ford Bracket Race 6pm
4th Annual Turbo Ford 4 Cyl Nationals Quick 8 6pm
*Electronics and Non-Electronics will be run separate until the semis in each class. Final 8 cars will be combined to race for the purse



2015 Bandimere Speedway Results

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Denver FFW Results pic copy

Race and Car Show Results


CLASS                                        WINNER                     RUNNER-UP

Ford DOT Street                                     Ryan Perry                             Steve Meyers

Fast/Quick Ford                                      Sig Patzer                                Ed Teemly

Ford Dealers 5.0 Shootout                 Kevin Hudson                      Aron Kohlscheen

Ford Truck                                            John Goodrick                        Pete Medaugh

Max Street by MagnaFuel                     Jon Jacobs                               Dane Heil

Rocky Mountain Mustang Roundup    Kenny Dodson                        Tony Mariano


Best of Show – Charlie & Pat Palmer – 1934 Sedan Delivery

Falcon/Comet/Capri/Maverick – Ryan Perry – 1968 Falcon

Fairlane/Galaxie/Torino – John Leff – 1967 Fairlane GTA

Lincoln/Big Car – Jason Hrobsky – 1965 Continental

Thunderbird – Joe Coors – 1955 Thunderbird

Special Interest/Cobra/Open – Norm Bell – 1965 Cobra

Street Rod/Custom – Roy Gleitz – 1932 Ford Coupe

Race/Pro Street – Carey Moose Hosterman – 1972 Mustang

Mercury – Mark Fitzjohn – 1967 Cyclone

Classic Ford – Wayne Anders – 1956 Fairlane Club Sedan

Shelby/Rousch/Saleen/Steeda – Dale Szymanski – 1968 GT500 KR

1964-1968 Mustang – Paul Skraymstad – 1968 Mustang

1969-1973 Mustang – Terry Sandmann – 1969 Mustang

1974-1993 Mustang – Michael Bateman – 1984 Mustang

1994-2004 Mustang – Mick Yphratis – 2004 Mustang Cobra

2005-2014 – Robert Gardner – 2012 Mustang Boss 302

2015 – Kenny Dodson – 2015 Mustang

Truck/Wagon/SUV – Jesse Perry – 1955 F100


Focus Fest Joins Forces with Fun Ford Series

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Focus Fest 2015 at Memphis International Raceway

Ford Focus National Event to be held alongside Fun Ford Weekend in August

Fun Ford Weekend at Memphis International Raceway is now bigger and better than ever. Not only will we be joining forces with Full Throttle Saloon, but Focus Fest 2015 has also been added to the lineup–promising to make this one of the most exciting shows of the year. Focus Fest 2015 will include a Friday night meet and greet, autocross events, drag racing, a special car show, an audio competition, and even a special awards banquet. Most intriguing will be the Focus ST vs. Fiesta ST Showdown and the Battle of the Tuners. Be sure to register early because car show spaces and banquet seating is filling up quickly!


August 28th-29th, 2015

Memphis International Raceway
5500 Victory Lane
Millington, TN 38053

Event Schedule:
Friday – August 28th
– Hotel Check In / Meet & Greet Party (6:00PM to Midnight)

Saturday – August 29th
– FocusFest / ST Fest Car Show (8:00AM)
– Drag Racing Event (8:00AM-9:00AM)
– Autocross Event (9:00AM-5:00PM)
– Focus Fest Judging (10:00AM-1:00pm)
– Fun Ford Weekend Judging (12:00PM-4:00PM)
– Fun Ford Weekend Saturday Awards Ceremony (4:00PM-5:00PM)
– FocusFest Awards Ceremony at – Memphis Incredible Pizza Co (6:30PM-10:00PM)

Awards Ceremony Location:
Memphis Incredible Pizza Co
1245 N Germantown Pkwy #104
Cordova, TN 38016

Official FocusFest Lodging:
Fairfield Inn & Suites Memphis
6010 Macon Cove
Memphis, Tennessee 38134
901-384-0010 (Mention FocusFest for $89 rate)



Fun Ford Series Results from US131 MotorSports Park

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SUNDAY, JULY 12, 2015


Top 5

Steve Caesar, Ithaca, MI – 1978 Mustang

Brian Bush, Battle Creek, MI – 1997 Mustang

Ken Boorsma, Grandville, MI – 1962 Galaxie

Richard Camfferman, Byron Center, MI – 1965 Galaxie

Fred Camfferman, Byron Center, MI – 1965 Fairlane


Best of Show

Ken Boorsma, Grandville, MI – 1962 Galaxie


Throttle Fest Memphis Powered by Fun Ford Series

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Throttle Fest HEADER

Throttle Fest Memphis Coming in August

Jackyl headlines weekend filled with Ford horsepower and motorcycle mayhem

MILLINGTON, Tenn. (June 11, 2015) – The mayhem of the Full Throttle Saloon, the world’s largest biker bar, is coming to Memphis International Raceway (MIR) August 28-29.
Throttle Fest Memphis, which is presented by Full Throttle Saloon and powered by the Fun Ford Series, Rock 103 and iHeart Media, will be two days of adrenaline-fueled excitement for car, motorcycle and music lovers alike.

“This is an event we’ve been trying to get to Memphis for a long time,” said MIR VP and GM Pam Kendrick. “It’s going to be the perfect mix of horsepower and rock music that people are going to love.”

The event is headlined by the platinum selling rock of Jackyl, who will take to the main stage on Saturday night. Jackyl will be one of several bands rocking MIR during the weekend.

“We’re excited to be playing in front of Memphis fans again,” said Jessie Dupree, frontman for Jackyl. “That’s a city that loves its music and we’re going to give them an awesome show at Throttle Fest.”

Other entertainment features the “Wall of Death” motordrome, a circular arena in which skilled riders defy gravity to perform motorcycle tricks and stunts. The Circus Una Motorcycle Thrill Show is an all-female daredevil trio that combines trapeze acrobatics with motorcycle riding on a high wire. The Full Throttle Rockstar Bartenders will make every beverage stop a treat, and there will even be a Leprechaun at the event.

If that’s not enough, the Fun Ford Series will bring the best of the Blue Oval Brigade to MIR with drag racing, all-Ford car show and swap meet during the day.
More music acts will be announced in the next couple of weeks. Throttle Fest Memphis sponsors include Full Throttle S’loonshine and Jesse James American Outlaw Bourbon Whiskey.

Full weekend tickets for this festival of wall-to-wall entertainment are $35 and can be purchased online starting Friday, June 12 by going to or

For more information regarding MIR, please visit, call (901)-WOW-Race or follow us at or @RaceMIR on Twitter and Instagram.


2015 Gateway Motorsports Park Event Details

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July 24 – 25, 2015 – Gateway Motorsports Park, Madison IL


Friday Schedule of Events – July 24 – Open Test – Ford True Street – Gambler

4 p.m.:        Gates Open
4:30 p.m.:    Tech inspection / Fuel sales begin (conclude at 7:30 p.m.)
5:30 p.m.:    Open Test ‘n’ Tune (All makes and models)
6:30 p.m.:    Ford True Street Driver Meeting – staging lane #8 – $20 entry fee in staging
7 p.m.:        Ford True Street Oval Cruise – 30 miles around Gateway road course
8 p.m.:        Ford True Street Drag Runs
8:30 p.m.:    Jr. Street Eliminations
9 p.m.:        Bracket Gambler (all makes and models)- $20 to enter in staging lanes
9:30 p.m.:    Concessions Close
10 p.m.:        Open Grudge Runs (all makes and models) / Credential Sales conclude for night
11 p.m.:        Conclude event

Lane Assignments
Lanes 1 & 2:          .5 Full Tree
Lanes 3 & 4:        .4 Pro Tree
Lanes 5 & 6:        Jr. Dragsters / Motorcycles
Lanes 5 & 6:        Street Tire .5 Full Tree
Lane 7:            Open
Lane 8:            True Street  – Trophies in 4 classes plus overall winner

Entry Fees and Admission Prices
Adult s:            $15     (with trackside wedge parking privileges)
Kids 12 and under:    Free
Test ‘n’ Tune:        $30    (car and driver)

Saturday Schedule of Events – July 25 – Fun Ford & Gateway E.T. Series
7 a.m.:            Gates Open – Racer and Car Show Roll-In
7:30 a.m.:        Tech inspection / Fuel sales begin (conclude at 7:30 p.m.)
8:30 a.m.:        Jr. Dragsters (2 runs plus E1 before 10 a.m.) – non-points

9:00 a.m.        Fun Ford Autocross (until 3 p.m.)
10 a.m.:            Ford  – Super Shifter – EFI Shootout Time Trials (2 sessions)

  • Quick Ford (Pro)
  • Fast Ford (Super Pro)
  • Street Ford
  • Ford Truck Trophy
  • Mustang Trophy
  • Four Cylinder Ford Trophy
  • Classic Ford Trophy – 1963 and older
  • Ford Grudge
  • Super Shifters
  • EFI Shootout

11 a.m.      – 1 p.m.:    Car Show Judging

12 p.m.            Ford Nostalgia Funny Car Exhibition Runs (Great Lakes Funny Cars)
2 p.m.:            Car Show Awards
3 p.m.:            Gateway Bracket Time Trials Begin (2 sessions)
Eliminations after 2 sessions of time trials


Winner:            $800
Runner-Up:        $300
Semi:            $100
Entry Fee:        $50
Buybacks:        $30    first –or- second round
Payout based on 33 cars in round 1 of eliminations – pro rated at 32 or less.

Winner:            $800
Runner-Up:        $300
Semi:            $100
Entry Fee:        $50
Buybacks:        $30    first –or- second round
Payout based on 33 cars in round 1 of eliminations – pro rated at 32 or less.

Winner:            $250
Runner-Up:        $100
Entry Fee:        $40
Buybacks:        $20    first –or- second round
Payout based on 17 cars in round 1 of eliminations – pro rated at 16 or less.

Winner:            Trophy
Entry:            $30
Open to 1963 and older Ford products.

Winner:            Trophy
Entry:            $30
Open to all Ford Trucks

Winner:            Trophy
Entry:            $30
Open to all Ford Mustangs and Mercury Capris

Winner:        Trophy
Entry:            $30
Open to all Ford Mustangs and Mercury 4-cyclinder powered cars

.5 Full Tree
1/8 mile
Dial-ins of 4.50-7.50
Racing Slicks ONLY – No drag radials.
Two Steps are permitted.
2 Time Trials plus eliminations
Entry fee:       $100 with $60 of entry paid to the purse.
Winner receives purse plus trophy.

Heads-Up Elimination Format
.5 Full Tree
No minimum weight.
OEM Computer, factory glass windows and factory chassis.
Drag radials –or- slicks are allowed.
Entry fee:    $30

JR DRAGSTER – 1/8 mile – Non-Points Event
Winner:        Trophy and Gift Card
R/U:        Trophy
Entry fee:    $30



All car show entry fees will be collected at the gate and registration takes place at registration trailer next to concession stands.

Best of Show
Best Engine
Best Interior
Best Paint
Best Detail
Club Participation

JUDGED AWARDS  (24 to be presented at show)
Mustang 64-70                    Mustang 71 – 93
Mustang 94-09                    Mustang 10 – present
Specialty Mustang (Shelby, Saleens, etc.)        Boss 302 Mustang
Mercury Cougar                    Ford Thunderbird
Fairlane, Torino, Galaxy                Falcon, Maverick, Comet
Big Car (LTD, Marquis)                Full Size Truck
Compact Truck                    SUV
Ranchero                    Sport Compact  (Focus, Fiesta, Escort)
T-Bucket                    Street Rod
Rat Rods                    30’s Classic
40’s Classic                    50’s Classic
60”s Classic                    Convertible

VP Racing Fuels Super Pro – 1/8 mile points – with Contingency Connection award* – $65 entry
Pro – 1/8 mile points – with Contingency Connection award* – $55 entry
Sportsman – ¼ mile points – with Contingency Connection award* – $40 entry
Super Pro Motorcycle – ¼ mile points – $40 entry
Index Motorcycle – ¼ mile points – $40 entry
Trophy – ¼ mile points – $30 entry

¼ Mile Box vs. No-Box Combo – $60 entry fee  (Box will race Box til final. No-Box races  No-Box til final.  Box winner will race No-Box winner for $1,000 to win and $400 to runner-up.

Saturday Admission Prices – Includes a full day of both Ford and Bracket Races
Adult s:            $15
Kids 12 and under:    Free

Autocross: $30


Located at the Gateway Motorsports Park Road Course! Register at

SCCA Solo AutoCross – Sunday, July 26

Gateway Kartplex will be open all weekend long inside the oval


2015 Virginia Motorsports Park Results

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Best of Show:
Randy Crow – 1966 Mustang

Best Engine: Gail Moxley – 2009 Mustang

Best Paint: Frankie Sheppard – 1972 Cougar

Best Mustang: Dan & Stephanie Pierce – 2003 Mustang

Club Participation: Roanoke Valley Mustang Club

Cool Factor: Steve Morgan – 1965 F-100

Young Gun: Dylan Rivers – 1966 Mustang

Track Choice: Emery Holmes – 1999 Mustang

Peoples Choice: Jennifer Testerman – 2013 Mustang


Compact: Wayne West – 2011 Fusion

Rod: Al Fibish – 1934 Coupe

Mercury: George Timberlake – 1965 Comet

Nostalgia: Billy Ruble – 1951 Custom

4×4 P/U: Trent Stephens – 2000 F-250

Van: John Owney Jr. – 1969 E-100

4×4 SUV: Charles Parrish – 1978 Bronco

2WD Stock P/U: James Crowder – 1993 Ranger

2WD Modified P/U: Steve Morgan – 1965 F-100

Falcon: Dennis Hutchinson – 1965 Falcon

Galaxie/Fairlane/Torino 60-66: Paul Pentecost – 1960 Fairlane

Galaxie/Fairlane/Torino 67-70: Scott Hanes – 1970 Torino

Stock Mustang 64-69: Robert Coleman – 1965 Mustang

Modified Mustang 64-69: Randy Crow – 1966 Mustang

Mustang 70-73: Junior Roberts – 1970 Mustang

Stock Mustang 79-93: Mike Strickland – 1988 Mustang

Modified Mustang 79-93: Jake Kilcommons – 1987 Mustang

Mustang 99-04: Robert Clark – 1994 Mustang

Mustang GT 99-04: Robin Reese – 2003 Mustang

Cobra Mustang 99-04: Emery Holmes – 1999 Mustang

Modified Mustang 99-04: Dan & Stephanie Pierce – 2003 Mustang

Stock Mustang 05-08: Bob LaPrada – 2006 Mustang

Mustang GT 05-08: Jessica Watson – 2005 Mustang

Saleen Mustang 05-08: Rick Fee – 2005 Mustang

Shelby Mustang 05-08: Kevin Pollard – 2007 Mustang

Mustang GT 09-12: Kerry Mitchell – 2009 Mustang

Roush Mustang 09-12: Gail Moxley – 2009 Mustang

Shelby Mustang 09-12: Rick Moxley – 2009 Mustang

Stock Mustang 2013: Brian McCullough – 2013 Mustang

Modified Mustang 2013: Jennifer Testerman – 2013 Mustang

Mustang 2014: Rhonda Pollard – 2014 Mustang

Mustang 2015: Angela Naff – 2015 Mustang


Jennifer Taylor – 08 Stock Mustang

John Owney Jr. – 69 E-100 Van

Robert Coleman  – 15 Stock Mustang

Robert Coleman – 65 Stock Mustang

Everett Breaux – 06 Mustang GT

Justin Camp – 47 Coupe

Junior Roberts – 70 Mach 1 Mustang

Steve Bryant – 62 Fairlane 500

Chris Bean- 23 T-Bucket

Jennifer Taylor – 01 Mustang GT

Jimmy Chapman – 09 Mustang GT

Dylan Rivers- 03 Mach 1 Mustang

Stephanie Crain – 04 Mustang GT

Jennifer Testerman – 13 Mustang

Joseph Day – 13 Shelby Mustang GT

Top Engine: Joseph Day – 13 Shelby Mustang GT

Top Paint: Jennifer Testerman – 13 Mustang

Top Ford: Steve Bryant – 62 Fairlane 500

Top Mustang: Robert Coleman – 65 Stock Mustang

Club Participation: South Eastern Va. Mustang Club



Street Ford Champion: Ray Burcher – 1968 Mustang  Reaction     Reaction: .021     ET: 11.605     MPH: 115.28

Tuff Truck DOT Champion: Shannon Coleman – 2001 Lightning     Reaction: .616     ET: 14.034     MPH: 99.88

14.00 Index Champion: Wayne Hand – 1967 Fairlane     Reaction: .038     ET: 14.342     MPH: 89.47

13.00 Index Champion: Wayne Hand – 1967 Fairlane     Reaction: .038     ET: 13.159     MPH: 85.55

12.00 Index Champion: Chris Vargo – 1988 Mustang     Reaction: .207     ET: 12.416     MPH: 82.10

11.00 Index Champion: Tom Cartwright – Mustang     Reaction: .025     ET: 11.004     MPH: 120.74

10.00 Index Champion: Terry Marshpund – 1970 Mustang     Reaction: .160     ET: 10.006     MPH: 130.28

5.90 Renegade Champion: Larry Robb – 1985 Mustang     Reaction: .084     ET: 5.921     MPH: 113.89


Pro Champion: Chris Moren – 68 Dart     Reaction: .016     ET: 6.003     MPH: 113.20

Super Pro Champion: Rich Bernier – 01 Ed Quay     Reaction: .030     ET: 4.850     MPH: 134.94

Pro Bike Champion: Wilson Burkhead – 07 Hayabusa     Reaction: .038     ET: 8.511     MPH: 147.97

Jr. Dragster Champion: Chad Logan – 11 Mikeboss     Reaction: .033     ET: 7.908     MPH: 82.02

Street DOT: Wayne Hand – 67 Fairlane     Reaction: .059     ET: 12.720     MPH: 104.43


Overall Winner: Michael Hardison – 9.975 average

Overall Runner-Up: James Banton – 10.279 average

10.00 Index Winner: Matt Ashley – 10.94 average

11.00 Index Winner: Keith Hardison

12.00 Index Winner: Danny Lippin – 12.09 average

13.00 Index Winner: Jenna Burks – 13.008 average

14.00 Index Winner: Mike Baker – 14.032 average


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